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       Help a Child Grow This School Year! 

 We've started a new school year! Make sure to keep your child's education a priority this  year by coming to Education Exchange for tutoring. We help with  homework, test prep, and  subject area understanding. Here's why tutoring is important:

                                  1) It helps children retain information they

                                      learn during the school year.

                                  2) It strengthens understandings of concepts

                                      taught during the school year.

                                  3) It helps prepare their minds for new information

                                      they will learn this school year.

                                  4) It helps them catch up on things they struggled

                                      with during previous grades.

    ​Every Child Deserves a Chance to Learn! 

​ Nearly 45% of Wilson County children under 18 live in poverty. Help ease the  burden of  struggling families who have children that need tutoring during this school year.

 Sponsorships  will  help to cover partial costs of tutoring for these families.  Together, we  can ensure all children in Wilson County get a chance to grow this year! Contact us for  details how your sponsorship can help your business. Anonymous donations also welcome.

Donation Amounts

Funds can also be delivered or mailed to :

Education Exchange LLC

3042 Forest Hills Rd SW

Wilson, NC 27893