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Forty-five minutes one-on-one

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​​Contact us for information regarding multiple day and sibling discounts!

You must CALL AHEAD to schedule the session in order to make sure the time will be available. All discounted sessions (multiple day or sibling discounts) must be paid for IN STORE. 

Half Hour Math Mastery Group

Hour Math Mastery Group

Hour one-on-one

Half Hour one-on-one 


 *Spanish for Small Businesses - Join Candace Casey, Spanish teacher, for a free   introduction class to her Spanish for Small Business Unit to be held at   Education Exchange. Date TBA!

 ​*Summer Mini-Camps: *Let us know if you have an camp topics you'd like to be       offered. We love collaborating with our community!

     - Terrific Trivia Camp (ages 8-12)-Mon.-Wed. 9am-11am. July 16-18 Students will be 

  introduced to new, exciting informational lessons and texts. We will then allow 

  students to use the technology tool, "Kahoot" to compete in a fun trivia competition        with other campers. Students with own laptop- $70, Students who need a laptop- $8 

    - Taking Notes and Effective Studying Habits (for ages 12-15)-July 30-Aug 2-Mon.-Thurs.

   1pm-3pm. Students will be taught the Cornell Note-taking System that is proven to             increase scores by letter grades at the time.  If your student really wants to learn         better study habits then this is the camp for them! Student Cost--$80

  - Sign Language for Small Business - DATES COMING SOON!

  Beginning Sign Language (various ages) - DATES COMING SOON!

  _ Spanish (various ages) - DATES COMING SOON! 

   ​​ *Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updated class schedules  and            events!